Vauxhall secures record Vivaro-e order from British Gas

Vauxhall has agreed a deal to supply British Gas with 1000 examples of its new Vivaro-e electric van – the largest EV commercial fleet order made in the UK to date.

The Vivaro-e was launched earlier this year with a 134bhp electric motor and range of 125 miles in standard form, rising to 188 miles with an optional larger (75kWh) battery pack. It will be built on the standard Vivaro production line at Vauxhall’s factory in Luton, with the 1000 examples delivered to British Gas over the next year.

Centrica, which owns British Gas, says it has committed to making its fleet – the third-largest in the UK, with 12,000 vehicles – fully electric by 2030 and that it would be placing further orders for Vauxhall EVs “as soon as they are available”.

It added that it also intends to place an order for the smaller Combo-e, which is due to launch in 2021.

British Gas will employ the Vivaro-e “nationwide”, with the initial recipients chosen from engineers who volunteer and are based in areas where lowering emissions is key. EV charging points will be installed at the home of engineers running the vans.

British Gas boss Matthew Bateman said: “We chose to work with Vauxhall as they were able to give us a large number of high-quality and low-emission vans to help us effectively serve our customers, and they will also work with us on future EV solutions.”