Used car buying guide: TVR Griffith

As the all-new Griffith inches closer (deliveries should start next year), interest in its forebear remains strong. Not as strong as it was when news of the new model first broke, though.

Then, values of the old Griff stiffened quickly as people made the connection, only to soften slightly as its successor’s launch date was pushed back. Add winter’s usual chilling effect on convertible prices and now is probably your last chance to snare an old Griff for sensible money before the new model, costing from around £90,000, hoves into view once more. 

All that said, these days you’ll be lucky to find a decent runner much below £15,000, while good, refurbished cars start at around £20,000. The best nudge £35,000, while the very best, lowest-mileage and cleanest last-of-the-line SEs go all the way to £50,000. The good news is that a good Griff, lovingly maintained and refreshed with essential new parts, should one day be worth more than you paid for it. 

£28,000-£31,999: Includes a 1993 500 with 68,000 miles and a power steering conversion for £29,000. 

£32,000-£50,000: Mix of late 500s in top condition. Includes rare 2001-reg SE with 40k miles for £32,500 and a mint 1999 car with 20k miles for £33,950.

One we found

TVR Griffith 500, 1997, 62,000 miles, £20,500: A tidy car refurbished by a specialist and with a good service history. Had new outriggers fitted in 2011 with a further £3000 spent recently on fixing oil leaks, and fitting a new clutch and differential, engine mounts and suspension bushes.