Used car buying guide: Range Rover Evoque

The arrival of the all-new Range Rover Evoque will be a strange experience for the original, which, since its launch in 2012, has enjoyed all the attention. It looked spot on straight out of the box and has barely changed – crucial qualities in a used car market that punishes failure and facelifts. 

First drive: 2019 Range Rover Evoque

Buyers of new cars flocked to this first-generation Evoque with the result that the classifieds are awash with used ones at all ages, mileages and specifications. All prices, too: they start from as low as £8750 and don’t stop until they hit around £47,000 for a late-plate low-miler. 

The idea of an Evoque for less than £10,000 may surprise those who thought the little Rangie way beyond their reach. In fact, only another three or four thousand takes you into the realm of tidy but high-mileage cars with decent histories and good specs. At all price points, diesel dominates, whether it be the 2.2-litre unit or Jaguar Land Rover’s 2.0-litre Ingenium range introduced in 2015. 

■ Recalls: Check all safety recalls have been actioned. 

How much to spend 

£8750-£10,999: Early diesels requiring a thorough inspection. 

£11,000-£13,499: Early (2011-12) manual diesels, two- and four-wheel drive, with 100k miles. 

£13,500-£15,999: Some 2013-reg cars and mileages down to around 75k. 

£16,000-£19,499: Lots more 2013 plus some 2014-15 cars with under 55k miles. 

£19,500-£22,499: Low-mileage 2015 2.2 diesels plus mid-mileage 2015-16 2.0 Ingenium diesels. 

£22,500-£25,499: The first 2017 and 2018 cars plus low-mileage 16-reg Ingeniums. 

£25,500-£27,999: More 2017-18 cars with 20k mileages. 

£28,000 and above: Dominated by low-mileage 2018 cars.

One we found 

Range Rover Evoque 2.2 SD4 Pure Tech AWD 5dr, 2012/12-reg, 120K miles, £13,250: Specialists reckon a high-mileage Evoque is a good buy as any problems will have been sorted. This black with cream leather example is a one-owner car with full Land Rover service history. 

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