TVR says work to start soon on new Welsh factory

The reborn TVR project is hoping that refurbishment work will soon start on its new factory, after the Welsh Government selected a contractor to take on the project.

The firm revealed the all-new Griffith at Goodwood last September, which it intends to build in a new factory on the Rassau Industrial Estate in Ebbw Vale, Wales.

But, as revealed by Autocar, progress on refurbishing the factory stalled because the Welsh government purchased a 3% stake in the company in 2018 alongside a £2 million loan. That meant the project became subject to European Union rules around state funding, so the tender for construction work on the dilapidated factory had to go out across the entire EU.

Ken Skates AM, the Welsh Minister for Economy and Transport, has now selected a preferred building contractor for the project, which TVR hopes will allow work to start soon.

In a statement on social media the firm said: “There are a few bits and pieces that need to be tied up before we can announce further details, but it’s fantastic news for all concerned as we can state publicly that the sound of squealing tyres and roaring engines will be coming to the Valleys very soon.”

TVR added that the delay in the announcement was due to “the need to clarify a number of unknowns within the building such as the discovery of some harmful and unusual substances, and the condition of the main roof and the fire system’s water storage tanks.”

TVR has originally hoped to make first deliveries of the 500bhp Griffith in early 2019, and has yet to give a revised date for when production will start.

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