Tuner Posaidon boosts Mercedes-AMG G63 to 927bhp

German tuner Posaidon has significantly upped the Mercedes-AMG G63’s performance raising its output to 927bhp, 350bhp more than the standard model.

The standard G63 already generates an ample 577bhp from a 4.0-litre, twin-turbocharged V8, but the Posaidon upgrade takes the 4×4 to a new level, achieved by a pair of custom turbochargers, as well as newly ported cylinder heads, improved valve seats and a new exhaust system. Alongside delivering 927bhp, it has 943lb ft of torque.

Posaidon claims the Merc’s electronics system is also improved, fine-tuning transmission, while an additional tank for the G63’s water/methanol injection system increases boost pressure, contributing to the engine’s output.

The upgrades cut almost a second from the G-Wagen’s 0-60mph acceleration time, achieving the sprint in just 3.6sec, similar to that of the Lamborghini Urus. Top speed is dramatically increased, leaping from 149mph to 174mph.

However, these upgrades do not come cheap. The Posaidon G63 adds just under £50,000 to the £143,305 starting price of the standard Mercedes-AMG model.

Exterior upgrades are also offered, such as a vented carbonfibre bonnet and a variety of different body colours.