The electric car Smart vision EQ on the move was just cute: the video was published

The network is equipped with a video discharge Smart Vision EQ, which in appearance is very similar to the film of cars of the future.

Of course, he does not know how to fly, but all the other parts of these cars are present in him: autonomous movement, communication with passengers and pedestrians, as well as the type of car sharing.

Where exactly the video presented is not entirely clear. Most likely, it was made in Las Vegas. Shows how Smart independently, even without a driver in the cabin, but under the supervision of a specialist, he runs away from the truck. Returns a sufficient distance so as not to collide with the cart that carries it and successfully drives around.
On the way, the electric car communicates with pedestrians. On his screen, which was placed instead of the grid, offers appear in turns – On my way, Hey, Kate, Hey, David, Las Vegas Boulevard, and so on.

The cabin has no steering or pedals. It can be controlled using voice commands or a smartphone. Luggage is placed under the seat.

The developer of Smart Vision EQ is Daimler. The concern immediately declared its electric car one of the best in the field of car exchange services.

He can independently move to those areas where there is a demand for this service. As a result, most of the time he is on the road and, consequently, reduces the need for parking.

At the same time, it can also be autonomously charged through an inductive wireless system. If necessary, the car can return the energy stored in the network.

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