Tesla pick-up truck teased during 2020 Model Y reveal

Firm CEO Elon Musk has revealed the first teaser image of Tesla's upcoming large pick-up truck

Tesla revealed the fourth member of its current-generation line-up last week with the unveiling of the Model Y: an all-electric crossover sitting beneath the Model X and due to hit the road 18 months from now. 

However, the brand’s rival for the upcoming Audi Q4 e-tron was not all that company frontman and CEO Elon Musk had to show. As usual, it’s taken a tweet from Elon Musk to really unearth the fresh teaser. The image above is a very early look at Tesla’s upcoming pick-up truck. 

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The teaser was broadcast at the end of the special event Tesla held for the unveiling of the Model Y, but went largely unnoticed.

It’s not the clearest teaser in the world and we’re not quite sure if we’re looking at the front of the pick-up truck or the rear. The latter is the more reasonable explanation though, as such a blunt front end would be difficult to get past pedestrian safety regulations. The white light bar may be intentionally discoloured and could be a brake light running the width of the tailgate, with the rest of the teaser showcasing the pick-up’s load cover.

Previously Musk had confirmed that the pick-up will be big – around Ford F150 sized and possibly even a bit larger. It will be much bigger than UK staples like the Mitsubishi L200 and Nissan Navara. 

A dual-motor, all-wheel-drive electric powertrain will be found under the skin, while the pick-up is promised to be handy off road too, with traction control settings simulating mechanical locking differentials likely to appear. With the pick-up truck set to be larger than the Model X SUV, it will be able to accomodate larger battery packs too. As such, Musk has suggested a 400 to 500 mile range for the vehicle.

It’ll be a vehicle built with hard work in mind first and foremost, much more rugged and out of kilter with the brand’s current, clean, premium image. As such, 240 volt outlets for heavy power tools will feature, and Musk promises that the vehicle will be able to power them all day long from the truck’s battery pack. Standard self-levelleing suspension has been confirmed too.

Finally, Musk has strongly hinted that it’ll be a classic, boxy pick-up design, and a six-seat interior layout has been promised.

In April last year when Musk was originally outlining Tesla’s pick-up plans, the CEO said: “Pickup truck unveil in 18 to 24 months”, suggesting we’ll get to see it in 2019. That was some time ago though, and with the Model Y just unveiled, the truck may have to wait.

We expect the pick-up to share some of its underpinnings with the Model X SUV. That means it should offer performance unlike any other pick-up on the market. Despite weighing almost 2.5 tonnes, even the basic Model X will sprint from 0-60mph in around six seconds.

However, being a commercial vehicle, it should be priced below the Model X, which currently has a starting price of £85,335 for the 75D version. As such, the pick-up’s interior likely won’t be a plush affair. Many competitors offer multiple bodystyles including single and king-cab variations, though Tesla is expected to stick with the popular double-cab setup.

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