Shanghai motor show 2019: best of the Chinese cars

It will come as no surprise that China’s car manufacturers used the 2019 edition of the country’s fastest-growing motor show to debut a range of new models.

There was a slew of new metal in Shanghai, in both concept and production form. And with home-grown companies now turning their attention to foreign markets, these arrivals are becoming increasingly relevant to the wider world.

Below, we’ve selected some of the models that could be arriving in Europe very soon.

Hongqi HS7: the BMW-beating grille

Think the new BMW X7’s grille is imposing? That of the Hongqi HS7 gives it a run for its money. Chinese buyers like strong, aggressive and chrome-laden front ends on their cars, and BMW’s latest design strategy starts to make sense when you see what the Chinese brands’ cars look like. After all, this is by far the world’s biggest new car market, so companies are going to develop products to suit it.

Preface to Geely’s future

The Preface is a sign of things to come from China’s largest car manufacturer, Geely. The work of a team led by industry veteran Peter Horbury, the more upmarket saloon concept hints at sportier styling and more refined interiors for forthcoming Geely production models. We hope the coach-style doors make it through to the final product too.