Road-legal Brabham BT62R hypercar revealed with 700bhp

Brabham Automotive has revealed a road-legal version of its BT62 hypercar, called the BT62R, and the first examples will be delivered to customers in the next few weeks.

As the third BT62 variant announced by the brand, after the £1 million Ultimate Track and £750,000 Competition versions, the £1.25m BT62R shares much of its chassis and aerodynamic hardware with those other models. Although Brabham says it’s tuned for the road, the firm also says the BT62R is equally “at home on the track”.

During the launch of the road-going variant, Brabham also announced plans for further expansion, confirming it will reveal more about another new model, described as a “fully homolated road car”, in the next few months.

The BT62R retains the 5.4-litre naturally aspirated V8 engine used in the other two variants, but with revised engine mapping for use on the road. It develops 700bhp and 492lb ft of torque, which is delivered through a six-speed sequential gearbox.

The car sports the same carbonfibre body as the track variants but with a few crucial changes to aid better on-road vehicle dynamics. The model features a revised front splitter and rear diffuser, a new top-mounted air intake and a redesigned and road-compliant single-plane rear wing.

Brabham said the result is a car that “maintains the incredible dynamics of a race car – acceleration, deceleration and lateral variation – and combines them with the manners and comfort of a road car.”

Two different versions of the road car are offered, dubbed Signature and Celebration Series. The Celebration version is distinguished by one of 35 racing liveries marking Brabham’s 35 wins in Formula 1 and gold badging.

Inside, the BT62R is significantly more luxurious than the stripped-back Ultimate Track and Competition variants. Brabham claims a “special emphasis was placed on everyday drivability” during the car’s development. Customers can choose from either leather- or Alcantara-finished carbonfibre seats, with contrast stitching. Brabham has also added a new climate control system and digital control panel, including a digital rear camera.



Brabham Automotive boss Dan Marks said: “Launching the BT62R is a great achievement for the team at Brabham Automotive. All the requisite design and engineering to turn the track BT62 into the road-going BT62R has been done in-house by our team of engineers, which is a great testimony to their endeavour and expertise.”