Promoted | The secret formula of Continental’s Black Chili tyres

Welcome to the start of our 2019 Continental Black Chili Driving Experience. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be following 12 teams of Autocar readers on the ultimate road trip in the south of France.

They’ll be driving a stunning range of sportscars and hot hatches on some of Europe’s most beautiful and challenging roads – all in a quest to test and find out more about Continental’s latest high-performance Black Chili tyres.

But what is a Black Chili tyre? We caught up with Continental Tyres Marketing Communications Manager Peter Robb to find out more.

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If that has you intrigued, be sure to check back on on Monday 1st July. 

We’ll be following every step of the Black Chili Driving Experience with a live blog and daily videos. It’s a chance to see behind the scenes of a stunning tyre test as we tell you all about the amazing roads and the cars we’ll be driving, as well as explaining more about the technology that underpins Continental’s Black Chili tyres.

Understanding the Black Chili tech

So, what is a Black Chili tyre? As Continental’s Peter Robb explains, Black Chili is a special compound, developed to offer the ultimate levels of performance.

A road tyre’s contact patch – the area in contact with the asphalt – can be as small as a smartphone. That means tyre manufacturers are hunting for every fraction of grip, especially on the high-performance tyres used on hot hatches and sportscars.