Nissan messengers are the epitome of an unmanned battery sedan that combines a sports car and an SUV, embodying the plans of the Japanese manufacturer in the field of electrification of the model range.

The international auto show in Detroit, Nissan will host the world premiere of the IM sedan concept car, in which the passenger seat architecture has been raised to a new level and a new sports design has been implemented. Nissan distribution plans are based on the success of the first electric LEAF to get into the mainstream, but in the future, new model lines will be developed based on the EV concept of a sports sedan, seven of which will be on the market. up to 2022 \ t

The IM chassis is represented by an all-wheel drive system with two electric motors located in the front and rear of the vehicle in order to maintain a balance of weight and high grip even on a slippery road with a low center of gravity. Improved air suspension in IM (abbreviation means “Smart Mobility Sedan”, “Intelligent Maneuvering Sedan”), which adapts to different environmental conditions in order to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride.

Two IM engines provide a total power of 360 kW (483 l / s) and an instantaneous torque of 800 Newton. The 115 kW battery provides a reserve of about 611 km of charging.

The new design of the sedan supports the decision to recognize the V-shaped neckline of the Nissan for the front panel without the grille and inclined headlights. Low lighting is used to create a comfortable atmosphere in the car and side lights. The body color changes the lighting of the vehicle depending on whether the vehicle is in automatic mode (the blue button is lit) or in manual mode.

The body of the concept is futuristic, smooth, with pronounced ribs that should show excellent aerodynamics. 22-inch wheels attached to a stylish sports car design. A special feature is the lack of a central pillar and open the front door of vintage cars and the rear doors, which are typical of vintage cars, which facilitates access to the rear seats.

Inside the cab, the steering and front seats are pretty standard, even the super-futuristic look. Of course, the steering wheel has the shape of a square, not a circle, but the display and minimizes the multimedia panel is a sophisticated thin LCD panel. The molded interior design forms the center console between the driver and the front passenger.

In Nissan, they would like to emphasize the particular location of the seats, reducing the designation formula as “2 + 1 + 2”. When all backs are raised, a standard surface with three seats is laid out at the back. However, if the rear seatbacks fold down, the center seat slightly expands and rises, becoming the head seat, complemented by support for the calf. This prime minister, as he is called the Nissan, puts the passenger in a privileged position compared to other places in the concept.

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