New Porsche Cayenne Coupe teaser image leaked online

Leaked Instagram image gives us our best idea yet of what to expect from the rakish new Porsche Cayenne Coupe

An image of what appears to be the all-new Porsche Cayenne Coupe has leaked online shortly ahead of its official reveal. The sketch, spotted on Instagram, shows the BMW X6 rival’s more rakish roofline relative to the existing Cayenne.

From the single render, we can see that the roof appears to flow in one continuous curve, broken only by the rear spoiler. The side window, meanwhile bears a smooth swoop which bears a resemblance to the 911. From the base of the rear window downwards, the Coupe will look largely similar to the more conventional Cayenne, sporting a full-width light bar, though the rear licence plate has been moved from the tailgate to the bumper.

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Earlier sightings of a largely undisguised test mule showed that development of the Porsche Cayenne Coupe was entering its final stages. The new Coupe will have a near-identical face to the standard Cayenne, with the majority of its styling changes taking place at the rear. The Coupe’s shape is likely to compromise practicality by limiting rear headroom and reducing the standard Cayenne’s 770-litre boot capacity.

The cladding around the C-pillar masks a shorter, rounder rear window, A spoiler sprouts from below the base of the rear window, and the way that this sits proudly suggests that it will be electrically retractable.

We’re yet to see the Cayenne Coupe’s interior, but we expect the dashboard design will closely mirror that of the standard SUV. A mild redesign of the rear bench could be possible to compensate for the Coupe’s lower roofline.

An earlier test mule appeared to be fitted with either a hybrid or fully-electric powertrain – look close enough and you can see voltage-warning stickers on the doors. It’s highly likely that the production model will be electrified as, like the standard Cayenne, the Coupe shares its platform with the Panamera, which already adopts plug-in hybrid tech.

Beyond the prospect of hybridisation, engine and transmission choices will be mirrored from the current Cayenne model. This latest mule appears to be a conventionally-powered model.

Porsche already has the large and mid-size premium SUV market covered, with the regular Cayenne and newer Macan. To maximise its influence, Porsche is following its rivals and moving into the niche territory of Coupe SUVs. While unconventional, the sector has proved to be lucrative, with the BMW X6 and the Jaguar F-Pace netting huge sales successes for their manufacturers.

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