New Ford Fiesta ST gets 222bhp thanks to Mountune treatment

Latest Mountune tweaked Ford Fiesta ST comes with a smartphone app for selectable performance levels

The new Ford Fiesta ST has finally been given the once over by specialist tuner Mountune, with a new tuning package the firm hopes will be as popular as the one offered on the previous-gen version hot hatch.

Called M225 the upgrade package takes total power up from 197bhp to 222bhp, while torque swells significantly too, up to a peak of 340Nm maximum.

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A new induction kit for the turbocharged 1.5-litre three-cylinder engine is key to unlocking this new power output. Performance wise, Mountune claims that the Fiesta ST M225 is capable of 0-62mph in less than six seconds – 5.95 to be precise – while a second has been cut from the car’s 31mph-62mph rolling dash. Mountune says it has altered the Fiesta ST’s torque curve too, with torque delivered earlier and more consistently across the rev range.

Interestingly, the M225 upgrade is heavily linked to a new smartphone app called SMARTflash, and it’s a crucial part of the package.

Essentially, the app builds on the standard car’s selectable driving modes. Toggle the Performance calibration on SMARTflash, and the 222bhp and 340Nm of the M225 package is unleashed in full, alongside a more aggressive launch control function and what Mountune claims is a louder exhaust note.

Two more calibrations are part of SMARTflash: Stock and Anti-Theft. The first returns the Fiesta ST to its factory power output and performance levels, while Anti-Theft fully immobilises the vehicle.

Elsewhere, buyers of the full kit get trademark Mountune badges, a Bluetooth adapter necessary to link the app directly to the car, and a zip-up case to keep the adapter in. The full M225 kit costs £662, but owners who have already upgraded their induction systems with Mountune parts can buy just the SMARTflash package and the driving modes as part of a light package for £479.

Do you think 222bhp is enough power for the Fiesta ST? Let us know in the comments below…

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