New Ford Bronco 4×4 to be revealed tonight, image leaks

Ford is set to finally reveal the long-awaited reborn Bronco tonight, but the first official image has leaked online in advance.

Published over the weekend on the Bronco6G fan forum, the image tallies with a previous leaked shot by a Ford insider at one of its US facilities. This time, we can see the two-door model, featuring the same bluff front end but a significantly shorter body and wheelbase. It also features a Jeep Wrangler-style removable roof. 

Ford has confirmed the car’s reveal time will be 8pm Eastern Daily time, which is 1am BST. Like most reveals during the pandemic, it will be a wholly online affair, streamed across Disney TV channels ESPN, ABC and National Geographic.  

Earlier this year, pictures of a four-door Bronco were leaked alongside its smaller, more road-focused sibling, the Bronco Sport. The leak stemmed from another forum post, with the images seemingly taken on a smartphone by somebody deep within Ford’s US facilities.

It showed what looks like the full-size car in physical prototype form, with styling very similar to that seen in previous images leaked from an earlier behind-closed-doors dealer presentation.

The car’s front end is emblazoned with the Bronco name, while a distinctive LED light design comprises a straight strip stretching between semi-circles. Pronounced wheel arch extensions are necessary to cover huge off-road tyres.

Aimed to compete directly with the rugged Jeep Wrangler, the new Bronco will launch in both two- and four-door forms, with a pick-up truck version possibly following later to rival the Jeep Gladiator. 

Side mirrors mounted to the A-pillars and a ‘floating’ third brake light above the rear-mounted spare wheel seen in earlier disguised prototypes also suggest a version could arrive with a removable roof and removable doors.