New Bugatti Chiron Super Sport is £2.75m hyper tourer

Bugatti has revived the Super Sport name for an uprated version of the Chiron, which will serve as a sister model to the recently launched Chiron Pur Sport.

The new addition to the Chiron line-up shares its mechanicals – and most of its styling – with the Chiron Super Sport 300+, a limited-run special edition based on the specially adapted Chiron that achieved a record-breaking top speed of 304mph in 2019.

Unlike that car, however, the £2.75 million Super Sport places more of an emphasis on rolling refinement. Whereas the Super Sport 300+ was presented as a lightweight and mainly pace-focused affair, the new Super Sport stays true to the Bugatti tradition of “combining top speed with absolute luxury,” according to president Stephan Winkelmann. It is, he claimed, “the ultimate grand tourer”.

Chief among the design revisions over the standard Chiron are a bespoke front end and a 25cm-longer rear end that optimises aerodynamic efficiency. This, combined with a revised diffuser and EB110-inspired exhaust vents on the rear wings, helps to counteract the “immense” downforce enacted on the Super Sport at its 273mph top speed.

While the 30 production examples of the record-breaking Super Sport 300+ feature exposed carbonfibre bodywork, the new Super Sport is marked out by its more overtly production-focused, optional two-tone livery. Bugatti says this makes the car appear longer and “even lower”.

The Pur Sport’s lightweight magnesium wheels are an option, but the Super Sport is equipped as standard with a unique set of five-spoke aluminium items. 

Inside, the Super Sport more closely matches the standard Chiron, with polished aluminium and leather used for most surfaces, along with elements of carbonfibre. Bugatti says it’s “an interior perfectly suited to high-speed continental trips”. 

As with all other iterations of the Chiron, the Super Sport takes its power from a quad-turbocharged 8.0-litre W16 petrol engine, tuned to match the 1578bhp output of the 304mph car. Maximum engine speed is up 300rpm over the standard Chiron, at 7100rpm, while maximum torque – some 1180lb ft – is now available across a broader rev range. 

With modifications made to its turbochargers, oil pump and cylinder heads, the Super Sport can accelerate from 0-124mph in just 5.8sec – by which point a Volkswagen Golf GTI still wouldn’t be at 62mph – and is 7% quicker to 249mph (400kph) than the standard Chiron. 



“In comparison to the Chiron Pur Sport, which, as a free-revving vehicle with transverse dynamics, offers a great deal of downforce up to 350kph, the Chiron Super Sport remains very neutral and quiet even above this in the uppermost speed ranges. This vastly increases the feeling of safety.”

The Chiron Super Sport follows in the footsteps of the 1931 Type 55 Super Sport, the 1993 EB 110 Super Sport and the 2010 Veyron Super Sport. It will enter production in early 2022.