New all-electric Mercedes EQS teased ahead of 2021 release

The Mercedes EQS luxury electric car is based on an all-new EV platform and is due on sale in 2021

Development of the all-electric Mercedes EQS luxury car continues apace before it goes on sale in 2021. 

These new official teasers show the new Tesla Model S rival in disguise alongside the Vision EQS concept, and it’s obvious that some design details will be toned down for production; the wheels will shrink, while the lights more closely resemble those of the EQC SUV.

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However, a similarly vast, sleek body shape remains. At 5,295mm in length, the EQS’s unique all-electric platform measures 24mm longer than a long-wheelbase S-Class. Likewise, the cabin will be toned down slightly from the concept, but Mercedes promises an environment that can be considered a “third place” alongside the home and the workplace.

Should the roadgoing EQS match the stats of the concept, the electric saloon should be able to cover 435 miles on a single charge, while a 20-minute top up from a 350kW source will see 350 miles of range added in under 20 minutes. The twin-motor, four-wheel-drive powertrain will enable 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds. 

Mercedes Vision EQS concept previews flagship electric Merc

A luxury all-electric S-Class was first muted with the arrival of Mercedes Vision EQS: a saloon concept with a 435-mile range. The Frankfurt Motor Show debutant offers a glimpse at both the brand’s upcoming luxury saloon tech and a halo model for its battery-powered family.

Long, low and sleek, the EQS features a simple, flowing shape which Mercedes says will inspire the next generation of EQ models. Huge wheels push out towards each corner to maximise cabin space.

At the front, the EQS has a grille panel housing 188 individual LEDs, allowing for near-limitless lighting animations. Flanking that grille is a pair of holographic-lens headlamps, which themselves flow into what Mercedes calls the “lightbelt”: a glowing strip running unbroken around the car’s belt line. At the back, the tail-lights are made up of 229 three-pointed stars.

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Inside, the broad, shallow dashboard design is topped by a sweep around the entire cabin with copper pinstripes, while the armrests and centre console appear to float above the floor.

The EQS previews a version of the MBUX infotainment system that will find its way into future Mercedes. Three touchscreens – a central portrait unit backed up by displays in each of the door armrests – give control for driver and passenger.

Mercedes says that the Vision’s cabin takes inspiration from those seen in luxury yachts, but there’s an environmentally conscious nautical theme, too; the roof lining is a textile woven from ‘ocean waste’ plastic. Recycled bottles and artificial leather feature elsewhere.

That lengthy range is achieved thanks to a 100kWh hour battery which, through a 350kW DC charger, replenishes from 0 to 80 per cent in less than 20 minutes. All four wheels are driven, with a total output of 469bhp and 760Nm, so 0-62mph takes less than 4.5 seconds and the top speed is around 124mph.

Unlike Mercedes’ first EV, the EQC, the Vision EQS uses an all-new platform. The company says the scalable architecture is suitable for a wide range of EV concepts.

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