New Adventum Coupe revives concept of axed Range Rover SV Coupe

London-based coachbuilder Niels van Roij Design has revealed its new Adventum Coupé, based on the current-generation Range Rover. It sports an extended two-door design that revives the concept of the recently axed Range Rover SV Coupé. 

Just 100 examples of the Adventum will be produced, priced from between £275,000 and £375,000 depending on the specification of the base vehicle chosen for modification. This means it will be at least £35,000 more expensive than the SV Coupé Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations division had intended to bring to market. 

The Adventum’s hand-built body is aluminium, while the customer can choose from a range of luxurious materials to upholster a custom-built interior. 

The company says no two Adventum Coupés will look the same, with work already underway on the first example. 

A spokesman for the firm said the production run is unlikely to be extended, because “real exclusivity is increasingly hard for those interested in a unique automobile to come by. What truly is important to Niels van Roij Design, and our client base, in that light is offering genuinely exclusive motorcars.”

Company boss Niels van Roij said personalisation options for the Adventum Coupé include “highly polished woods, personalised tread plates, extraordinary one-off colour-coded leather hides in chic patterns” and even materials such as tweed. 

Aside from the lack of rear doors, the Adventum is marked out from the standard Range Rover by a horizontally slatted front grille and exterior badges displaying the name of its designer in place of the usual Range Rover branding.

Van Roij said the Range Rover was chosen as the base model because it is “an exemplary work of industrial design”, the original having been displayed in the Louvre in 1970. 

Construction of each Adventum Coupé will take six months and will begin after the customer has paid a £50,000 deposit. 

In 2018, Niels van Roij Design revealed a coachbuilt Tesla Model S Shooting Brake, and previously contributed to the development of the new London taxi.

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