New 2020 Vauxhall Corsa: engines, tech and release date announced

The new Vauxhall Corsa supermini boasts new petrol and diesel engines, which join the all-electric Corsa-e in the range

The all-new Vauxhall Corsa line-up, which will be headlined by the pure-electric Corsa-e, has been bolstered with the arrival of new petrol and diesel editions. 

Vauxhall has confirmed that two petrol engines and one diesel unit will be joining the Corsa-e. The range kicks off with an entry-level 1.2-litre four-cylinder engine that develops 75bhp and comes with a five-speed manual gearbox as standard.

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Sitting above it is a three-cylinder 1.2-litre turbo that develops 99bhp and 250Nm of torque. This is the same PSA PureTech unit that’s found in Peugeot and Citroen models, and Vauxhall says it will be available with six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic gearbox options.

The diesel is PSA’s BlueHDi 1.5-litre four-cylinder with 99bhp and 250Nm of torque. However, it’s expected to make up only a small percentage of Corsa sales.

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Visually, the standard Corsa is virtually identical to the electric version, with the exception of different alloy wheel designs. Inside, all Corsas share identical cabins, which centre around an all-new touchscreen infotainment system on the dash. Two set-ups are available to buyers: a seven-inch Multimedia Navi system or top-spec 10-inch Multimedia Navi Pro.  

New Vauxhall Corsa: platform and weight saving

Vauxhall claims its new supermini will strike a keen balance between sportiness and comfort, thanks to its fresh lightweight underpinnings, redesigned bodyshell and new aluminium engines. The brand claims a 10 per cent reduction in weight across the range, with the lightest variant squeezing under the one-tonne mark, with a kerb weight of just 980kg.

The new Vauxhall Corsa’s body will be constructed from a range of high-strength steels, stitched together in the most weight-conscious manner, saving a total of 40kg over the outgoing model. A new aluminium bonnet will also replace the previous Corsa’s steel unit, saving a further 2.4kg.

Under the bonnet, Vauxhall’s latest range of aluminium three-cylinder petrol and diesel engines will save around 15kg over the old Corsa’s four-cylinder units. Inside, 10kg has been shaved off the seats, losing 5.5kg at the front and 4.5kg at the rear. In total, the firm claims a total weight saving of 108kg.  

Despite the weight loss, the upcoming Corsa is slightly larger than its predecessor, with its bigger body and longer wheelbase unlocking more interior and boot space. It looks like the newcomer will be sold strictly as a five-door model.

Due to Vauxhall’s recent acquisition by the PSA Group, the new Corsa will be built on Peugeot-Citroen’s latest Common Modular Platform (CMP). The underpinnings are shared with the new Peugeot 208.

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Vauxhall claims these revisions will improve both the Corsa’s performance and efficiency, with the firm promising better acceleration and reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. 

First deliveries of the all-new Corsa will begin next April, while buyers of the pure-electric model will have to wait a couple of months longer.

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