Mazda plans new six-cylinder petrol and diesel hybrids

Mazda will build two new straight-six hybrid engines, which will be fitted to the firm’s upcoming “Large Architecture”

Mazda has revealed some preliminary details about its intention to build two new six-cylinder engines and a new vehicle architecture. The details were revealed in the firm’s recent financial results report. 

The Japanese firm confirmed it will build two new straight-six engines, with a SkyActiv-D diesel hybrid and a SkyActiv-X petrol hybrid planned for release. Mazda has also stated that both engines will be offered with either a 48V mild-hybrid or plug-in hybrid drive. 

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Both straight-six engines will be mounted longitudinally in Mazda’s upcoming “Large Architecture”, and both will be offered with the firm’s i-Activ all-wheel-drive system. Given their north-south layout, it’s likely that the pair of powertrains will also be available with rear-wheel-drive.

The Japanese company is yet to reveal details about the models which will use its latest “Large Architecture” underpinnings. A likely contender for the platform is an all-new Mazda 6 saloon, which hasn’t undergone a major overhaul since its UK release in 2012. 

Mazda will also release revised versions of its SkyActiv-G and SkyActiv-D four cylinder powetrains, as well as a new SkyActiv-X mild hybrid and an independently-developed all-electric vehicle.

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