How to get your motoring fix at home: Websites and online

As coronavirus lockdown continues, the traditional ways of feeding your passion for cars, such as driving, are becoming more tricky. But never fear – travelling on roads may be limited, but there are still plenty of things you can do to placate your inner petrolhead.

How to get your motoring fix at home: Films and TV | websites | computer games | books

One solution is to sample the cornucopia of car-related activities that can be enjoyed online. From Esports sim racing to archive videos on Youtube, these are just some of the things you can do on the web. So get clicking. 

Circuit-spotting on Google Maps

This is an activity that can keep you occupied for weeks. With a bit of time, research and the Google Earth app, you can visit any track you choose – but the obscure and forgotten ones are best. Trace the layouts of places like Germany’s Südschleife, Crystal Palace in the UK or even Spain’s recently abandoned venue in Valencia. JD

Online emulators

Computer games were better in the old days, right? Well, dig around the Internet Archive ( and you’ll find a host of in-browser emulators, allowing you to play some old racing classics, such as the Commodore Amiga version of Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge. Be warned: they’re not all as good as you remember. JA

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Archive video on YouTube

Experience joy by watching racing at Brooklands in 1935. Kay Petre clocked 134.24mph in her 12-cylinder Delage, making it the fastest lap yet driven by a woman. The defeated Gwenda Stewart shook her hand at the end and said with all the grace she could muster: “Jolly good show, I’m very glad you won.” Yeah, right. Squint and you can see The Autocar advertised. RB