Geely launches EV brand Geometry with Tesla Model 3 rival

China’s biggest car manufacturer, Geely, has launched its new electric-only brand, Geometry, with a Tesla Model 3 rival.

Unveiled in Singapore, the Geometry A saloon is claimed to be capable of 255 miles in Standard Range form and 311 miles in Long Range form, with both figures measured under the old NEDC cycle.

The former variant uses a 51.9kWh and the latter a 61.9kWh lithium ion battery pack, both provided by Chinese firm CATL. 

In comparison, the Model 3 Long Range, which has a 75kWh battery, managed 338 miles in the more realistic WLTP test. The Model 3 Standard Range, with a 50kWh battery, is predicted to manage around 220 miles WLTP.

Drive in the Geometry A is supplied by a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum output of 161bhp and 184lb ft, resulting in a 0-62mph sprint time of 8.8sec.

Geely says the A can be fast-charged from 30%-80% in just half an hour, without specifying how many kW is required from the power supply to achieve that charging speed.

The A is claimed to be the safest car in its segment. It offers a host of active safety technology, including automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, automatic high beam control, front and rear moving object detection, blindspot monitoring, lane-keeping assitance, adaptive cruise control and a 360deg parking camera.

The five-seat A’s design, which was penned at Geely’s studio in Shanghai, is described by the firm as “minimalist and avant-garde” with a focus on aerodynamic efficiency. Indeed, its drag coefficient is 0.24Cd – just 0.1Cd behind that of the Model 3. It follows on from the Geely GE11 concept, which was unveiled in February under the ‘Geely New Energy’ brand.

Both the Standard Range and Long Range versions of the A will be offered in three trim levels: 2, 3 and n. The 2 versions are priced from RMB 210,000 and RMB 230,000 repsectively before subsidies, equating to £23,920 and £26,200.

By contrast, the entry-level Model 3 is predicted to cost around £35,000 when it’s eventually launched in the UK.

Geometry has already taken more than 27,000 orders for the A, of which around 67% have come from outside China, with buyers in Singapore, France and Norway.

Geely plans to launch 10 new electric models, including SUVs, saloons and MPVs, under the Geometry brand by 2025. These will use “exclusively developed platforms” and be sold through Geometry-specific distrubution channels.

Explaining the new brand’s unusual name, Geely stated: “It gets its name from mathematical geometry, which emerged thousands of years ago to describe the world as humans saw it. The Geometry brand is Geely’s vision of the future in which technology is used to create a sustainable environment and safe mobility, leading to a harmonious relationship between humanity and nature.”

The Geely group also includes Geely, LEVC, Lotus, Lynk&Co, Polestar, Proton, Smart and Volvo. Hardware and technology could, therefore, be shared across these multinational brands.