EV start-up Bollinger reveals Deliver-E van concept

American start-up company Bollinger Motors is planning to expand its electric vehicle line-up with a new Deliver-E commercial van.

Due to launch in 2022, the Deliver-E is intended primarily for use as a delivery van and will be offered with a range of battery sizes and wheelbase options, in order that it can fit in a variety of US commercial vehicle classes.

The Deliver-E will be feature a steel frame and will be built on an entirely new platform the firm has developed, although it use the same motors, battery, inverters and gearboxes as the forthcoming B1 and B2 SUV and pick-up truck. The B2 will also be offered as an adaptable chassis cab commercial truck.

The front-wheel-drive van will be offered with 70, 105, 140, 175 and 210kWh batteries, although Bollinger has yet to give estimated ranges or performance details.

The firm will work with a manufacturing partner to produce the Deliver-E. While it aims to offer the B1 and B2 in Europe, it hasn’t said if it eventually plans to offer the Deliver-E outside of the US.

With the push to cut running costs and reduce emissions, there’s growing interest in electric commercial vehicles, especially for use as delivery machines in urban areas. In the US, Ford and General Motors are both aiming to launch electric vans in 2021, while start-up Rivian is developing one for retail giant Amazon.