Cupra Formentor: the Spanish passion of the German mind

The sports brand Seat Cupra presented its first stand-alone HIB ASIB model: the Formentor coupe crossover with a hybrid transmission with a power of 245 hp.

The youngest of the Spanish brand Cupra in the Volkswagen Empire was abducted by Seat a year ago, the busiest places were represented under the name Cupra. Why do you need to part like this? For the realization of a long-standing dream (starting with Ferdinand Pieha), there is a brand equivalent to Alfa Romeo, which FCA does not have under the guidance of a German automaker. For a long time, he tried to instill the image of Spanish alpha right in Couch, and Walter de Silva at the turn of the century invited him to become the chief designer of the brand (only taken by alpha), but also worked well. But in the end everything turned out to be as usual: today Seat is another version of Audi / Skoda / VW – an impressive brand with an impressive brand design and a fully unified coating.

Cupra is an attempt to do something in the spirit of Alfa Romeo: a brand that evokes products with bright emotions and even a passion for vision. The first birth of this brand is the Ateca gate for 300 people, which do not look like Seat models with the same name, so there is no need to talk about its originality, but the Formentor coupe in the form of a coupe is another matter! It’s not like the Seats, even if it’sn’t the Alfa – obviously terrible to say that Kia and Infiniti are clear … But at least Formentor has no relationship with other VW models, and this seems to be the main task. these designers.

This task was not fully completed or was performed in accordance with the class C gh panel. As in the case of the Skoda Scala and Kamiq, there is a front panel with air intakes of the Lamborghini ventilation system, as a rule, not bad, but not original. One interesting detail is the narrow sensor unit of the air conditioner installed under the frame of the multimedia tablet. The toolbar is, of course, completely virtual. The sporty tone is characterized by improved lateral support and a three-spoke steering wheel that simulates carbon fiber inserts and front seats with integrated head restraints.

  1. So far, little is known about the technical capabilities, but it can be said that Formentor is built on the MQB platform with all the known modular components. The newly prepared walkway is said to be a rechargeable hybrid with a total output of 245 hp. with a power of up to 50 km of the engine without recharging. DSG is used as a gearbox, since the MQB platform does not provide a center differential; this is obviously even a front differential lock. Perhaps, Formentor is likely to have a four-wheel drive version of the serial version of the model, although it usually has front-wheel drive. Yes, the Formentor at the Geneva Motor Show has become a concept, but a thorough review of the car shows that the SUV series will appear soon.

Cupra sold only 14,400 cars last year and is expected to double this figure in the next three to five years, reaching 30,000 cars a year. Not so much in Rome Even the French DS DS from Citroen manages to sell 45,000 cars a year, and Alfa Romeo sells more than 80,000 cars. Last year, the parent company sold more than 440,000 cars in Europe. In general, Cupra only at the beginning of his journey, and not the fact that this road is long and beautiful.

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