Citroen admits smartphones trump its in-car infotainment

Peugeot, Citroën and DS will devote far less time and effort working on the user interface systems of future models, focusing instead on the ease of integrating with smartphones. 

“We’re not running 100 screens or bigger screens,” Citroën design boss Pierre Leclercq told Autocar. “You will use your phone to start the car and to do everything. 

“That is the future – it has to be simple, but it has to be intuitive as well.” 

Agreeing that many buyers have been frustrated by clunky native user interface systems, Leclercq said that future Citroëns will be far simpler. 

“Five years ago, we could not assume everybody would have a smartphone,” he said. “Now, when we design cars, we assume that in a couple of years everybody will own a device like this. Then the question is: ‘Does it work with my car?’” 

Citroën is also set to follow the lead of upmarket manufacturers into smartphone-based car security, moving away from conventional keys, or at least offering the option to unlock and start vehicles with smart devices. 

“It is all about making things easier; that is the most important thing now,” said Leclercq.