Chinese competitor BMW X3 from Hongqi

The mid-sized crossover design of the Hongqi sky brand (Huntsy, which means “red flag”), the third SUV in the company’s uniform, is presented. In addition, the main characteristics of the model became known.

Premium brand Hongqi belongs to the Chinese concern FAW and since 1958 has been manufacturing limousines for the local party elite. Starting from the 90s, they began to produce cars for middle managers, in 2013 the first “market” model appeared in the line of the brand: the H7 sedan, created on the rear-wheel drive platform of the old Toyota Crown. Not so long ago, the L5 and H4 limousines, built on the basis of the current Mazda6, were also launched for free sale. And this year, Hongqi will finally bring crossovers into the domestic market.

The first off-road SUV line of premium brand will be the electric SUV E-HS3, the production of which has already begun. The average HS5 and flagship coupe HS7 will follow. The latter was lit in 2018 at the Guangzhou Auto Show, now HS5 products are also presented – photos of this model are included in the database of the Ministry of Industry of China. Traditionally, along with the images appeared and the main features. By the way, the certification authority has data and photos of the older HS7 – last year Hongqi showed only the car, so the brand did not provide information about it. But first things first.

Thus, the appearance of the five-seater crossover HS5 was built on the basis of the show car U-Concept, which debuted in 2017. The serial SUV received LED optics and a family grid with vertical wedges. There are no details on the “trolley” on which the HS5 is built, but its dimensions are known: the length is 4760 mm, the distance between the axes is 2870 mm. Note that competitors in the local HS7 flagship media have registered a BMW X5 crossover. And in this case, the BMW X3 can be considered one of the main competitors of the HS5, moreover, the “German” is very close in its dimensions: length – 4708 mm, wheelbase – 2864 mm.

The engine for Hongqi HS5 has so far been announced only one: this is “turbo quattro” gasoline 2.0 of the same FAW design (factory index CA4GC20TD-32). Engine power – 224 hp The Ministry of Industry does not indicate the boxes, there is no information in the documents for the unit. However, in the profile of the Chinese media it is reported that the engine is combined with the “automatic” and that the cross has a version of 4WD.

Now for the old Hongqi HS7 SUV. According to preliminary information, this SUV is built on the same platform as the aforementioned H7 sedan, that is, the “truck” of the former Toyota Crown (FAW has a joint venture with Toyota). The length of the crossover flag is 5035 mm, the pitch is 3008 mm (for BMW X5 – 4922 and 2975 mm, respectively). So far, only the five-seater version has been certified, but according to rumors, the model will still have a three-row version. Under the hood is a turbocharged V6 3.0 petrol engine (also developed by FAW, index CA6GV30TD) with a power of 337 hp, which is combined with an eight-speed Aisin automatic transmission. It is assumed that the HS7 also provides all-wheel drive.

Subsequently, both HS5 and HS7 should have hybrid or all-electric versions, but so far there are no details about their settings.

  1. Prices for new crossovers have not yet been announced, but will certainly be lower than on the BMW X3 and BMW X5. “X-thirds” in China today cost from 399,800 yuan (about 59,100 US dollars at the current exchange rate), and “X-fifth” will cost us at least 779,900 yuan (about 115,300 US dollars).

Outside the Middle Kingdom, Hongqi cars are not for sale. However, before the FAW concern opened its own design center in Germany and attracted the chief designer of Rolls-Royce, it is possible that the Chinese are preparing to enter the European market.

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