Bentley EXP 100 GT concept: self-driving capability and zero-emission

The Bentley EXP 100 GT concept, to be revealed on 10 July, will showcase a zero-emission “future of grand touring”, according to the brand.

The concept, first reported by Autocar earlier this year, will celebrate to the day the centenary of the marque. As well as offering zero emissions, it will be capable of driving autonomously. 

The first image and video (below) of the concept, showing the nameplate, has been revealed today.

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Bentley describes the concept as a “showcase of sustainability and innovation”. 

It continued: “It will feature a fascinating array of materials seamlessly blended together by the designers at Bentley Motors, who have taken handscraftmenship of materials to an as yet unseen level.” 

While Bentley hasn’t confirmed the powertrain of the EXP 100 GT, Autocar sources say it is powered by a hydrogen hybrid, making it the first time Bentley has demonstrated an interest in hydrogen power. 

Its first petrol-hybrid, a variant of the Bentayga, will launch in August this year. Meanwhile, a full electric model will arrive within five years.

While not yet confirmed, the concept is set to show a transparent OLED display on door cards, first talked about by Bentley in early 2017. The OLED display could overlay wood veneers and only be visible when in use, to control features such as audio. A version of the technology was shown in Bentley’s EXP12 Speed 6 e concept.

Design director Stefan Sielaff told Autocar earlier this year that the concept is “a manifesto for how we see Bentley in the future”.

He said at the time: “It’s a view into the future. We don’t want to show a spaceship. It should be something that everyone knows is a Bentley and that the technology we show [is credible]. It’s not only a design statement but a statement for the company.

“It’s about sustainability, social responsibility, local sourcing, materials. It’s a big change in our thinking because society is changing.”