Autocar Lunchbox: Opel’s rallying return, how to sell a supercar and more

It’s everyone’s favourite part of the working day, lunchtime, and you’re no doubt craving a hefty dose of car-related content. 

So we’ve revived our Autocar Lunchbox feature to bring you our favourite videos, stories, photos, quotes and more all in one place. Here are today’s picks:


It ain’t Rover yet…

Any new Range Rover is of great import to the suits in Solihull, but the fifth-gen luxury SUV, touching down in 2021, could be the key to leading JLR out of the inevitable industry slump that will follow the coronavirus pandemic. 

Despite the closure of JLR’s production facilities and the paused launch of the new Land Rover Defender, it’s understood that there will be no let-up in the development of either the Range Rover or the battery-electric replacement for the Jaguar XJ, which will also go on sale late next year.

Jaguar Land Rover readies 2021 Range Rover amid lockdown delays


Star of the show

The Polestar 1 is an unusual car, this subsidiary of Geely/Volvo creating the car originally as the Volvo Concept Coupe.

But then Polestar was spawned as a brand in its own right, and Volvo’s design director – and Autocar award winner – Thomas Ingenlath installed as its CEO. The Volvo Concept Coupe was rebranded and recreated as the Polestar 1 and becomes Polestar’s first production car. 

It’s a plug-in hybrid like no other, with 600bhp on tap from a bewilderingly complex electrified powertrain. Join us for our first drive. 


Skoda through Scotland (and we didn’t stop there…)

What car would you use for a fast-paced shlep from John O’Groats to Land’s End? A Bentley Continental, perhaps? Maybe a BMW 8 Series?

Us? We went for the Skoda Karoq, and tasked ourselves with completing the 837-mile voyage in between sunset and dawn. Read the full feature below.

Skoda Karoq: a race against time from John O’Groats to Land’s End


Stars and their cars

“One time, I had to drop off a car at Elton John’s house in Berkshire and then go on to Rod’s to collect one…”


Yes, *that* Rod. We took a trip to one of the UK’s most exclusive car dealerships to meet Tom Hartley, who can spin quite a yarn while he sells you a priceless Aston Martin or McLaren. 

Britain’s most controversial car dealer: Tom Hartley on selling supercars


The name’s Bond…

The defunct Bond car company is not one of the best known — most recall it, if at all, for its bizarre, wedge-shaped Bug of 1970. But before that came the Equipe GT, a two-door sports coupé the length of, and significantly lower and narrower than, today’s Ford Fiesta. We drove the early attempt at a ‘family sports car’ in 1964. 

Throwback Thursday: 1964 Bond Equipe GT first drive


Opel to dust off 

It’s been a long time since Opel entered into the World Rally Championship, which is a shame, as it wasn’t half bad… But could the German marque be ripe for a return to the stage? There’s a new Corsa to play with, enhanced ties with rallying masterminds at Citroen and a wealth of brand heritage to play on, so maybe…

Opinion: Opel is ripe for WRC return

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