Autocar confidential: McLaren could build videogame concept, Seat snags second-time buyers and more

In this week’s round-up of motoring gossip, we hear why a 10% price hike won’t hurt Porsche in the UK, how Seat is claiming more driveway territory thanks to its new Tarraco SUV and more. 

Woking’s waiting game

McLaren is working on two extreme bespoke projects for customers, but the cars will be seen in public only if their owners decide that they want to publicise them. The firm has previously built one-off cars such as the X1 (above), which was shown at Pebble Beach. Rumours suggest that one project could be based on the Vision GT Concept created for the Gran Turismo video game. 

Quality, not quantity for Maserati

Maserati boss Harald Wester said the firm is no longer chasing big volume growth and big sales targets but is instead focusing on quality and profitability. “If I could see 80,000 cars at 15% margin or 100,000 at 11%, I’d rather sell 80,000,” he said. The firm is also looking to raise the number of customisable trim options for a further boost to profits, with more bespoke paints and hand-crafted materials.

Honesty is Porsche’s best policy 

Porsche UK boss Marcus Eckermann said the firm’s orders have remained strong, despite the recent decision to inform customers of a potential 10% price rise in the event of a hard Brexit. Eckermann said: “All of the customers appreciate the open communication.” 

One for Mii, one for you 

Seat has noticed a trend among buyers of its Tarraco large SUV to buy a second Seat shortly afterwards, according to boss Luca de Meo. “Until now, I don’t think we’ve been the choice for people when they buy their first car,” he said. “But with the Tarraco, that has changed. It’s the first choice… and we are seeing that then opens them up to the idea of a Seat as a second choice, too.”

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