Autocar Business Live: the truth about autonomous cars webinar

Jürgen Müller is the Vice president driver assistance and autonomous driving at Bosch, having worked at the firm for over 13 years. Previously, he was project leader of Libertus, an autonomous shuttle and transportation solution.

Matthew Avery is the director of insurance research at Thatcham. He acts as the liaison between insurers, vehicle manufacturers, legislators and global NCAP initiatives in all aspects of crash testing, with a view to encouraging safer designs and more cost effective vehicle repair.

The free webinar takes place on Wednesday 26 May at 2.30pm. You can sign up to the webinar by clicking here.

Muller and Avery join us for the latest Autocar Business Live webinar, for a discussion around the reality of autonomous cars. As the technology moves onto the next stage of automation, we’ll delve into whether a fully autonomous vehicle is a pipe dream or actually points the way to a more relaxing journey of the future. 

The webinar will be hosted by Autocar’s Jim Holder and Steve Cropley, as we look to discover what the future holds for autonomous vehicles.

Audience members will also be able to submit questions during the event, which will be addressed during the webinar, time-permitting. 

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