Aston Martin recreates James Bond’s DB5 with working gadgets

The iconic Aston Martin DB5 from 007 film Goldfinger is being recreated, and each of the 25 examples will have functioning gadgets

One of the most famous movie cars is being built for the real world – functioning gadgets and all. All 25 examples of the Aston Martin DB5 from the James Bond film Goldfinger will be produced by Aston Martin Works, the team behind many of the brand’s recent classic continuation models. The Works division are based in Newport Pagnell, at the same factory which built the original 898 DB5 models between 1963 and 1965. 

At first glance, the Goldfinger recreations will look much like the original DB5s: each finished in Silver Birch paint (to match the original movie car) and fitted with wire wheels. However, each DB5 will also get functioning gadgets, the likes of which helped 007 overcome the precious-metal obsessed master criminal and his sharp hat-wielding friend.

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On the outside, that means revolving number plates with three different registrations, battering rams front and rear, systems which deploy both oil slicks and a smoke screen from the rear light clusters, and bullet proof glass. The pop-up front machine guns will only be replicas, though.

The interior is just as gadget-laden as Sean Connery’s own wheels, too. A storage tray is mounted under the front seat to keep your Walther PPK handy, there’s a telephone mounted in the driver’s door, unique switchgear under the armrest and mounted to the centre console, while the dashboard has a radar screen tracker map. Flip open the top of the gear lever, and there’s a little red button below.

To make the special gadgets come to life, Aston called on the services of Chris Coubould OBE: the special effects guru who has worked many action movies, including 11 previous Bond films.

Chris explains the challenges in building the models for the real world. “We have licence in the film world to ‘cheat’ different aspects under controlled conditions. For instance, we might have four different cars to accommodate four different gadgets. We obviously don’t have that luxury on these DB5’s as all the gadgets have to work in the same car all the time” 

Those with desires to conduct their espionage in what must be the most stylish way possible face one drawback though: the gadgets fitted to the Goldfinger DB5 are not actually road legal. That, and the fact that each of the limited run of 25 examples will cost £2.75 million, before local taxes, mean that this is a DB5 that will appeal to only the keenest Bond fans.

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