Aston Martin DB5 Junior is 67% scale classic with 30mph top speed

Aston Martin has revealed a ‘junior’ version of its DB5 sports car that promises all the accuracy and authenticity of the original but at two-thirds of its size.

Developed in conjunction with The Little Car Company (like the recently launched Bugatti Baby), the Junior is around 3m long and 1.1m wide. It’s targeted mainly at children, although adults can also enjoy the car if they can fit in it.

The DB5 Junior is based on a 3D scan of the original DB5 and is meticulously detailed. Built on an aluminium honeycomb chassis, the Junior’s composite body is almost identical to the full-sized car right down to the badging.

The attention to detail continues inside, where the dashboard has the same Smiths clock and other Smiths instruments that were installed in the original DB5. Aluminium brake and accelerator pedals feature and the interior is adorned with black leather.

Powered by a fully electric powertrain, which delivers 6.7bhp to the rear wheels, the DB5 Junior can accelerate up to a 30mph top speed, although anxious parents will be relieved to hear that this can be restricted. An in-built Novice driving mode can limit the Junior’s top speed to 12mph. This includes a remote kill switch, which allows the car to be disabled at up to 30m away and automatically stops the car if it moves too far away.

Drivers wishing to access the car’s full capabilities will need to select Expert mode, unlocking the 30mph top speed. A Race mode is offered to allow the Junior’s acceleration and top speed to be aligned with other Little Car Company cars for competitions.

Power is transmitted to the rear 10in wire wheels, with four-wheel ventilated disc brakes complemented by regenerative braking. A removable battery pack with up to 20 miles of range is stored beneath the bonnet.

The Junior sits on double wishbone suspension at the front, echoing the set-up of the full-sized DB5, with the roll centre and camber gain matching the original geometry. At the rear, there is a period-correct live axle, with authentic upper and lower trailing arm suspension and Panhard rod.



For those seeking even more performance, Aston also offers a Vantage version. This doubles the DB5 Junior’s output to 13.4bhp, although the top speed is not yet confirmed. The body is carbonfibre and a limited-slip differential is added to improve traction at high speed. A second battery pack doubles the range to 20-40 miles, depending on driving style.

Pricing for the DB5 Junior starts at £35,000 plus taxes. The Vantage version begins at £45,000 plus local taxes. Just 1059 DB5 Juniors will be made and the car is available to order now. Production begins in the UK in 2021, with the first deliveries expected some time before 2023.