April Fools Day 2021: the car industry’s best and worst jokes

In what has become a tradition for the car industry, April Fools’ Day has been marked with a wave of fake news stories.

The gags are usually harmless fun and do well to lighten the mood, which is no bad thing in the midst of a global pandemic. However, as you may already have read, a certain German manufacturer took things a little too far in its bid to generate headlines this year…

We’ll get to that later. Here we’ve listed the best (and worst) April Fools’ Day jokes from the car industry of 2021. Got a favourite? Let us know in the comments section below.

Not such a tight squeeze any more

Desperately want to own a lightweight sports car but are just too big to fit in one? Maybe you want to improve your Le Mans-style running starts? Caterham has the perfect accessory: Seven Lube. “Make getting in and out of a Seven easier than ever before,” reads the blurb – but it makes no mention of how to remove grease stains from racing suits. 

According to what we can only assume is exhaustive research and testing by Caterham’s science division, one good-sized dollop of Seven Lube is guaranteed to “get you from standing to the driving seat in less than 1.3 seconds”.

Interested Seven owners can contact their local dealer today – just don’t expect them to have any in stock.

Cappuccino with your Continental, sir?

One April Fools’ joke we would actually like to see become reality is Bentley’s clever new option for caffeine addicts. After all, who wouldn’t want the eye-catching revolving infotainment system found in the Continental GT and Flying Spur to be stealthily hiding a coffee maker? 

The new gadget can “create espresso to macchiato at the touch of a button in just a few seconds,” according to the official Bentley Twitter account – although sadly such a function is “not available at any dealer near you”.

Prospective Bentley owners with a taste for the black stuff might want to start a petition.