Alfa Romeo to revive GTV as an EV in sweeping range renewal

Alfa Romeo is plotting a revival of the GTV as an electric four-door coupé flagship under a sweeping revival plan that will include a major revamp of its model line-up, Autocar has learned.

Seen as a technological flagship for Alfa Romeo’s future line-up, the modernday GTV is one of a number of proposed new models being considered by the Italian brand’s new CEO, Jean-Philippe Imparato, to spearhead its embracing of electrification and other key technologies.

“There’s no announcement at this stage, but [in] the GTV I’m very interested,” said Imparato, the former Peugeot boss who took control of Alfa Romeo in January.

Autocar has been told that proposals for the revival of the GTV extend from a retro-inspired two-door coupé to a contemporary four-door coupé in the mould of the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé, with both electrified combustion engine and pure-electric drivetrains possible.

There’s no clear indication yet as to the direction it will take, but planning documents referenced by Alfa Romeo insiders suggest that it could be targeted at the Tesla Model 3 and newly unveiled BMW i4 electric saloons.

The GTV name has been used by a number of different Alfa Romeo coupé models over the years, most recently for a two-door 2+2 sold between 1995 and 2005.

Under an earlier strategy, the GTV name was planned to be revived for a two-door version of the Giulia saloon. However, despite being developed to production maturity, its introduction was cancelled earlier this year.

Imparato has some form for using retro designs to promote electric technology. During his time at Peugeot, he approved the much admired e-Legend concept, an electric coupé with muscle car styling inspired by the 504 Coupé. Although Peugeot ruled out a production version because it wouldn’t be commercially viable, Alfa Romeo’s more upmarket position could potentially justify a premium-priced electric coupé.

Major overhaul for the Alfa Romeo line-up

Alfa Romeo is one of 14 brands controlled by Stellantis, which was officially formed in January from the merger between Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and the PSA Group.

Under Imparato, Alfa Romeo is preparing a groundup renewal of its line-up by the middle of the decade, with future models set to be based around all-new platforms and electrified drivetrains from Stellantis. The revamp is aimed at achieving greater economies of scale and profitability.



Speaking to Autocar recently, the head of Alfa Romeo products, Daniel Guzzafame, said: “We want to keep the good things from the Giorgio platform. There are opportunities that we’re studying now.”

It is yet to be confirmed when the Giulia and Stelvio will adopt the STLA Large platform. However, insiders suggest that successors to today’s models, due in 2023 and 2024 respectively, will switch to the new structure, which could also underpin the new GTV.

Like the next Giulia and Stelvio, the GTV is proposed to be sold in mild-hybrid and plug-in hybrid forms, as well as with the option of a pure-electric variant.

In a recent media presentation, Stellantis suggested that the STLA Large platform will support pure-electric drive with ranges of up to 497 miles.

Development of a pure-electric drivetrain for the new platform is already well under way in co-operation with Japanese electric motor specialist Nidec and French battery cell and battery production company Saft.

Alfa Romeo Spider and Mito could also return

The GTV isn’t the only classic Alfa Romeo model being considered for a revival. Imparato has also revealed that he has a personal liking for the Spider, suggesting that it could be brought back to the company’s line-up. The last Spider model was produced between 2006 and 2010.

“I love the Spider. But allow me to bring Alfa Romeo to a certain level of economic performance, and then we speak,” he said of recent reports about reviving the two-seat convertible.

Also under consideration as part of Alfa Romeo’s 10-year revival plan is a successor to the Mito supermini, which ceased production in 2018. Although it’s not confirmed, insiders close to Imparato suggest that it’s likely to be twinned with a follow-up to the Lancia Ypsilon, building off the same STLA Small platform as the Brennero, with a new five-door hatchback bodystyle for added versatility.

The return of the Mito is considered essential to attract younger buyers back to the Alfa Romeo brand, although sources suggest that priority is currently being given to SUV models.