Alexander Sims eyes fastest EV charging record with Tesla Model 3

Formula E racing driver Alexander Sims will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the fastest charging time for an electric car in order to demonstrate improvements in EV charging infrastructure.

For the attempt, sponsored by environmental charity Zero Carbon World, Sims will team up with charity trustee Dean Fielding and EV specialist David Peilow to drive a Tesla Model 3 from John o’ Groats to Land’s End, attempting to beat the record for the shortest time spent charging an EV driving the route.

The mark to beat currently sits at 3hr 44min 33sec and was set in 2015. However, due to improvements in EV charging infrastructure, the Zero Carbon World team expects to spend no more than two hours charging, beating the record comfortably on 12 September.

Dean Fielding said: “We’re planning for around 15-16 hours of driving and four short recharge stops along the way, which we hope will amount to a maximum of two hours.

“Electric vehicles, charging capabilities and the charging infrastructure have come on in leaps and bounds over the past decade, and we want to bring attention to the fact that the UK is increasingly becoming EV-friendly and that making the switch to an EV is feasible, practical and enjoyable for both long and short journeys.”

Alexander Sims said: “Zero Carbon World is keen to emphasise the improvements to the UK charging infrastructure, and that switching to an EV is a viable option for both long and short journeys.”

Sims will attempt to break the charging record in a standard production version of Tesla’s Model 3 electric saloon, using a 150kW Tesla Supercharger station and three 350kW Ionity chargers during the journey.

Sims said that he is using a production car and public chargers to show that driving between John o’ Groats to Land’s End with minimal stops is possible and to encourage motorists to switch to an EV.

Zero Carbon World has funded more than 700 EV charging points across the UK, working with businesses to improve charging infrastructure and encourage uptake of EVs. The charity has the mission of reducing the UK’s CO2 emissions, challenging misconceptions surrounding CO2 reduction, and encouraging sustainability.