Three-wheel electric car Solo estimated at 15,000 dollars

The Canadian company Electra Meccanica has announced the launch of the production of its Solo three-wheel electric vehicle. 

The producer is confident that his creation will be able to “change the public perception of the traditional machine”.

Only it is very similar to the car, which the designers during the design decided to cut part of the body and then install only three wheels. At the same time, the electric car has a rather spacious trunk, designed for 250 liters.

The total weight of the car reaches 650 kilograms and the maximum speed is 130 km h. With only one charge, Solo can drive for 160 kilometers. It takes three hours to fully charge the battery.

However, the main thing in this electric car is the price. Only it will cost its owner 15,000.

As conceived by Electra Meccanica, Solo is a supplement or a family escort car. Moreover, this electric car will be a good model for car sharing or delivery services. With this, the machine is already interested in the DHL courier service and the 7-Eleven store network

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