Aiways U5 launched with longest EV prototype test journey

Shanghai-based EV maker Aiways has announced that it will complete the longest ever point-to-point journey for an electric vehicle prototype.

The journey, which is part of the testing and development programme for the brand’s U5 electric SUV, will cover a claimed 8,843 miles and will start on 17th July when two U5 prototypes set off from their starting point in Xi’an, capital of China’s Shaanxi Province.

The company has not yet confirmed an end point for the journey, stating that more information will be revealed after the journey starts. Engineering teams will explore how easy the U5 is to live with, and the test is also due to investigate whether or not the car meets real-world performance, reliability and range expected by European customers.

The journey will see the cars go through a variety of countries and environments where factors such as road surface and charging infrastructure will differ. The company say they have chosen Xi’an as the starting point since it marks the start of the historically significant Silk Road trading route between the East and the West.

So far, the company claims that the U5 will be capable of 313 miles on a charge as measured under the outgoing NEDC test cycle. It is due to be launched in Europe in April 2020, with a right-hand drive UK launch expected in 2021. Expect a competitive price to ensure the brand meets its target to produce more than 150,000 cars a year, with further expansion possible.